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Modem Drivers In ASUS N61J

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To install modem drivers in ASUS N61J

ASUS N61Jv is an excellent 16 inch PC unveiled by ASUS. The model is coupled with Core i5-430M Processor of Intel. The offered clock speed of ASUS N61Jv is 2.26 GHz, which can be extended up to 2.53 GHz with the help of Turbo Boost Technology. The hard drive capacity of ASUS N61Jv is 500GB with 7200 rpm. Also the model comprises of Super Multi Optical Disk Drive with excellent performance. ASUS N61Jv works better with 64 bit Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium Operating System. The memory featured by this model 1GB DDR3 dedicated VRAM. For transferring data through the internet, modems are used. For efficient functioning of the modem used in your system, the associated driver must be properly installed.

Following are the tips to install modem driver in your ASUS N61J:

  • Proper device driver
  • Driver compatibility issues
  • Go for Updating

Proper device driver

Modems are generally used to facilitate data transfer through the internet. In the transmitting side, the data gets modulated. On the other hand, at the receiving side it gets demodulated. For better transmission of data, the modem and the associated driver has to be properly selected. Not only that, you must carefully install the driver for better performance of the modem. There are different types of modems that are available in the market. The modem could be installed with the needed device drivers and connected externally to the PC. The device drivers are provided along with the hardware for most products. You could install the need drivers from it.

Driver compatibility issues

Driver’s compatibility has to be taken into consideration before going ahead with the installation process. There might be clash between the software and the system. Sometimes the driver required for the modem, won’t get installed due to interference with other software present on your system. In those cases, you must remove that software temporarily from your ASUS N61Jv.

Go for Updating

You need to update the driver if it doesn’t match with the various versions of modems. Such a mismatch would lead to failure of the modem. To prevent such an issue, you are recommended to make the driver compatible with the modem that you are going to use. You could do this by simply updating the drivers through internet. Updates could be obtained from concerned websites. For smooth functioning of the modem in your ASUS N61Jv, you can also update the BIOS.

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