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Recovery Disk for ASUS® Laptops

Having trouble with your ASUS laptop? Read on to find out how a recovery disk can be used to fix up the issues

The recovery disk is a media disk that is stored with all the necessary data that are required to restore the functionality of a computer by resetting or reinstalling the corrupted or crashed operating system installed in it. The ASUS laptop series are integrated with a number of safety and recovery options that includes the system recovery disk. Those ASUS laptop models that are pre-installed with the Windows Vista Operating System from Microsoft are supplied with Windows Vista recovery disk. The Windows Vista recovery disk is supplied in addition to the system recovery options using the recovery partition and acts as an alternative recovery option if the system recovery partition fails. The recovery disk is mainly used in those cases where the system recovery partition that is integrated with the system hard disk is corrupted or removed or if the entire system hard disk is damaged in any manner possible.

Some points discussed below will help the ASUS Laptop users to utilize the Windows Vista recovery disk for effectively recovering the system:

  • Boot from Recovery Disk
  • Choose from Available Options
  • Perform Recovery

Boot from Recovery Disk
The ASUS Laptop users are recommended to check with the boot options of your system by entering the BIOS for enabling the system to boot from the Windows Vista recovery disk. The boot options can be accessed by entering the boot configuration menu in the system BIOS and enabling the boot from CD/DVD drive will help the users to easily boot up the system from the recovery disk.

Choose from Available Options
Once the ASUS Laptop is booted from the Windows Vista recovery disk, the ASUS wizard menu will show up displaying the options that are supported by the disk. Normally the Windows Vista recovery disk comes loaded with two types of options, one is that allows the users to recover or reinstall the Windows Vista operating system on your laptop by wiping out the primary system partition and the other by formatting or wiping the entire hard disk drive and perfuming a clean install after deleting all data on the system.

Perform Recovery
After selecting the appropriate recovery option, the ASUS laptop users should follow the on screen instructions for as to start the recovery process. The recovery process using the Windows Vista recovery disk will take around 10-15 minutes to complete and at the need of the process the users will be prompted to insert the device driver disk that was supplied along with the system. The device driver disk is the one that contains all essential drivers and utilities for the system to function normally and once prompted the users should insert it to the system tray for completing the recovery process successfully.

    Hugh Heu


    I would like to have some simple instructions on how to reformat my ASUS Z35Fm notebook.

      Sajeesh Sahadevan


      I would like to have some simple instructions on how to reformat my ASUS Z35Fm notebook.
      If your notebook has a recovery partition installed, you can use it to reset it to factory settings. You can refer to http://www.askiyogi.com/uncategorized/12618.html for instructions.

    Hugh Heu

    i HAVE LOST THE ASUS Recovery Disk and would like to know how to install Vista 32 bit into my ASUS 35FM notebook.


    Hi! Last night my son was asking me about recovery disk and I could not answer him because I hardly have any information on this topic. Luckily I have an ASUS laptop and I was searching for details on updating an ASUS laptop and landed at this website. You have given very quick and simple details of recovery disk for ASUS laptops and I can now explain this topic to my son.


    All these technical things go over my head and I hardly understand anything related to computers or technology. The company like yours really provides great tech help and I am thankful to you to give such an useful information on this topic. Thanks for the informative content iYogi, I needed this information to perform disk recovery on my ASUS laptop.

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