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Restore to factory settings in ASUS® K40IN laptop

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How to Restore Factory settings in ASUS K40IN laptop.

Although the Asus K40IN is a wonderful system, packed with power and performance, it is possible that you get some errors in your laptop after a long duration of use. Errors usually happen due to any previously made changes or installations in the laptop. The most easy method to remove these changes is to restore the laptop to its factory settings which brings it back to it’s initial state. There are a number of methods to restore the laptop to its factory settings. You could restore the ASUS K40IN system by using the System Restore Function which could be accessed from the ‘System Tools’ window located in the ‘Accessories’ of the system. It is possible to use the recovery disk to restore the laptop to its factory default settings. You could use the manufacturer CD for this purpose. You could use the backup also to restore your laptop to it’s factory settings. For this, you need to be ready with a backup CD which contains whole system data.

There are a number of points to be kept in mind while restoring the ASUS K40IN laptop to its factory settings:

  • Check for the compatibility
  • Have the backup of updated drivers
  • Power backup

Check for the compatibility

It is possible that you made a number of changes to the ASUS K40IN laptop. These changes might include different upgrades like Operating System upgrading, drivers upgrading and applications upgrading etc. You need to downgrade these components to avoid compatibility issue with laptop after restoring process as the factory settings do not work with these upgrades.

Have the backup of updated drivers

As the restoring process of the ASUS K40IN laptop brings the laptop back to its initial settings, all drivers might be removed from your laptop after restoring process. The drivers which you updated recently might have been removed. So, you need to have the backup of updated drives with you before attempting to restore the system. You need to check the compatibility of the drivers before you install these drivers in the restored system.

Power backup

As you are restoring the ASUS K40IN laptop to its factory settings, a great amount of power would be consumed. Any interruption to the restoring process might result in a number of issues for the system. So, you need to provide a good power backup to the system before performing the restoring process. You might use a battery-based storage system for emergency backup. It is possible to use either inverter or DC batteries for this purpose.

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