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Password Reset in ASUS® G72Gx System

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ASUS G72Gx system is a highly efficient and great performing system from ASUS. This system is capable of fulfilling the needs of any type of users including business people, students and home users. It uses Microsoft Windows as its default operating system. The operating system ensures more security and privacy by allowing them to configure a password to secure their data. You might have lost your password somewhere, forgotten the system password or other users might have knowledge of your password, then you need to reset the password of your system. It might also be due to several other reasons for which you might require to reset the system password. Such a password reset can be done easily.

The following are some of the tips to reset password on your ASUS G72Gx system:

  • With the help of Password Manager
  • Restore your system to default factory settings
  • Process of operating system uninstallation

With the Help of Password Manager
The Password Manager enables you to reset the forgotten password on your ASUS G72Gx system. The Quest Password Manager is a set of utilities, which allow the users to safely reset the forgotten passwords. Thereby, you can easily unlock your accounts. The software also allows resetting password used in a network. It simplifies the
user password and facilitates the administrator in creating and using strong passwords.

Restore your System to Default Factory Settings
By default, ASUS G72Gx system comes with a password. You might have made changes to the default created password. When you restore your system to its initial state, you will be able to get your initial password. To do so, you need to format your system and reinstall all the data including operating system. After the reinstallation process, you can change the default password of your new password. At the formatting time, there is a great chance of data loss to take place. Therefore, you need to keep a backup of your valuable data before you can perform the restoration process.

Process of Operating System Uninstallation
The operating system is a vital part of the ASUS G72Gx system. It acts as an interface between you and your system. The passwords are usually created at the time of the installation of the operating system. You cannot work with the OS of your system if you forget the password. You can easily troubleshoot this issue by entering into your system using administrator credentials and uninstalling the operating system completely. Such a process can completely reset the password of your

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