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Learn how to restore Windows® XP® on ASUS® Eee PC 900

What is way to restore Windows XP installed on ASUS Eee PC 900? Get tips to restore installed drivers

System restore is one of the main features of the windows XP system. This is used mainly to restore the system from crashes and other similar issues. The importance of System Restore is to restore the ASUS Eee PC 900 system to a workable state without any re-installation of the operating system and loss of your data files in the process. System Restore takes snapshots of your ASUS Eee PC 900 and saves them as restore points. After installing any of the softwares in the system, the system will save these changes as restore points. For example, system might create restore points before installing any of the drivers to the system, unsigned drivers, automatic updates, and some applications are installed. These strong system checkpoints are created without any user interventions the first time the computer is started after Windows XP is installed. You could access this restore point option from the System Tools in the Accessories. The restoration disc is the best tool that can be used to restore the drivers in the system. You could use this disk after restoring the system and this works similar to the normal disk. The system could restore each of the driver software stored in this disk.

The following are the important things that you need to keep in mind while system restoring in ASUS Eee PC 900:

  • Check the restore points
  • Ensure hard drive capacity
  • Remove additional peripherals

Check the restore points

All the restore points saved by the system need not be good ones. Some of them will be infected ones or might represent some other faulty conditions. The restore points created by the system might be malware infected one and if you restore the system to these restore points, these malwares will enter into this new stage also. So confirm the correct restore points before the restoration.

Ensure hard drive capacity

System restores the registry files and the other system files to the hard drive in the system. So the proper hard drive capacity is also necessary to do the restoring properly. The normal amount of free space needed to do the restoring is 200MB. The hard drive with below this free space capacity will not let you complete the restoring process. So check the hard drive properly before the restoring process. If the hard drive does not contain the needed space, free up more space and then do the restoring.

Remove additional peripherals

If you are restoring the system while connecting any other additional peripherals, you need to disable them before restoring. If you do the restoring then, these additional peripherals also will be listed to the restore items. More memory will be needed in this case and this is time consuming. So remove all such additional peripherals from the system during the restoring.

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