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Learn About the BIOS Settings for ASUS® laptop

ASUS Laptop BIOSBios – The BIOS (Basic Input Output System) for ASUS laptop is a small software which helps to control the interactions between the Operating System and physical hardware components. You can make changes to BIOS settings by altering and accessing the BIOS. The common keys to access the BIOS  are F1, F2 and Del key. The first setting to make in the BIOS is to adjust the motherboard. This will provide the proper clock settings for the CPU. The modern BIOS vendors detect the CPU type and set the proper timings automatically. You only need to adjust the memory timing settings. The memory bus speed is set to correct speed for the memory. Another important setting in the system is the boot order. It determines which all devices are needed for the motherboard. Next is the drive setting for hard and optical drives. You also have to change the drive settings.

Points below will give you more information about the BIOS settings in ASUS laptops:

  • Resetting the BIOS in an ASUS Laptop
  • Resetting the CMOS
  • Tip for setting the BIOS in ASUS laptop

Resetting the BIOS in an ASUS Laptop

Here are the easy sets to reset BIOS on ASUS laptop-

  • For resetting the BIOS in Asus Laptop, first switch on the laptop. Press “F2″ key while the initial boot process start. If you are using old laptop of ASUS, you need to press “Delete” Key.
  • Then wait for few seconds for BIOS setup screen to appear.If the system promtpted to enter a password , then enter the password and press the “Enter” key, else press the “Enter” key directly.
  • After that “Standard Configuration Settings” by using arrow key on your keyboard and press “Enter” key.
  • Set “Time and Date” using “+” and “-” keys.
  • Select “IDE Primary Master” and press the “Enter” key. Do same for “IDE Primary Slave” option.
  • Then your BIOS will update hard drive and optical drive settings. After that press the “Esc” key to return back to main BIOS setup screen.
  • Then press”F7″ key to load te default setting for the ASUS laptop. Press “F10″ key to save the BIOS setting.
  • Press “Enter” key to confirm the setting. This will reset the BIOS on ASUS laptop.

Resetting the CMOS

If the laptop does not POST or boot properly, you need to reset the CMOS. For that you have to clear the CMOS. You can use the manual for resetting. For resetting, turn off the laptop and unplug it. Then wait for 30 seconds to perform the action. At that time, you have to find reset jumper on the motherboard. The jumper will move from non reset position to reset position. Then plug it and reboot the system. At this time, it will reset the CMOS.

Tip for Setting the BIOS in ASUS laptop

If any problem occurs after resetting the BIOS (Basic Input Output System) in ASUS laptop, you need to take the system setup. Then press the ’F6’ key. This will load Fail-Safe Default settings. Then save your settings and close the utility. The Fail-Safe Default settings are not provided for performance, but it will provide high compatibility. It stores the default settings of the BIOS.

    Goldie Hawan

    Hi iYogi! I have an ASUS laptop but it is quite old. My operator suggested me to reset the BIOS settings to control the interaction between the Operating System and Physical hardware components but he could not help me to do it on my own. However, he suggested me to visit your website to find the complete information on the same topic. I did exactly that and here I am, all completed with resetting of BIOS settings, thanks to this article.

    Andrew Brixey

    I was looking for this information from quite some time. I wanted to learn the ways to reset the BIOS in an ASUS laptop and so I ended up at this page. The thing is whenever I try to reset the BIOS in my ASUS laptop, the task goes incomplete because there are so many steps involved in this that I get confuse and miss one or the other step.


    My brother have an ASUS laptop and this article will definitely help him a lot.

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